About Us

DM Constructions has been active in the development, investment, and management since 1979. In our capacity, we have managed or constructed projects totaling over €9 000 000 which include Genadi, Kiotari, Rhodes Town, Ladiko, Saint Rafael Afantou, Faliraki, and Kalithies. Quality and reputation in building make us the perfect choice for your next project. Homes that are inspired by nature and designed for your modern lifestyle. Over the years “The Cycladic style” is the prevailing architectural style of the majority of homes we build. The need to maintain the traditional character of the region and the homogeneity of the residential thread led to the adoption of a design pattern that is globally recognized.
Every detail is meticulously crafted to the highest standards.

John & Matina's Home


John & Matina came to us with a vision of what their dream home and property. We spent countless hours visualizing and preparing what their end result would not only just look like, but the feeling of how they wanted their home to feel like once they moved in.  The final conclusion speaks for itself as they have their dream home at their footsteps on the island of Mykonos Greece!

Costa & Alexandra's Home


Costa and Alexandra were very excited about their dream home project once they were engaged. The details and small enhancements they wanted were quiet a challenge, but the end result speaks volumes. We were very excited when they moved into their dream home with the look on their faces when they saw what we have accomplished. We hope that all our clients have this chance to make their dreams a reality!

Paul & Georgia's Home


Paul & Georgia spoke to us very early on with what exactly was important to them and their family home. What a journey it was to make sure that their attention to detail was not compromised in the building process. The spaces and areas were of utmost importance to them, and we provided them with the solutions to make sure nothing was overlooked. We were extremely pleased when they moved into their dream home finally!

Oleski & Svetlana's Home


Oleski & Svetlana’s home had many prerequisites and standards they wanted to keep in the building process. We did not disappoint them in the process while fulfilling their every attention to detail.

Dimitry & Fiona's Home


Dimitry & Fiona’s home was a pleasure to be a part of. So many details and needs to be undertaken, however the end result was a very happy couple with their dream home with the key in their hand and a big smile!

John & Natasha's Home


John & Natasha’s home was a wealth of information and details that needed to be met. We met all there demands and handed over the key to them with all their dreams which became a reality. We never compromise on our clients needs and wants when building their property and home from their thoughts and ideas. Let us help you build your dreams on a solid foundation of expertise and knowledge through countless years of experience.