Platon Property

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The Platon Property enjoys an olive grove located in the center of Rhodes Island. The property comprises 4 separated wings overlooking a private and quiet olive grove. All 4 different wings being developed need to be finished with any additional ideas that may enhance the property as a whole. The building permit was for the construction of four independent buildings where according to the approved floor plans of the permit there were the following: Wing A: Ground floor with basement storage for the kitchen and maintenance and freezing areas of the supplies. The ground floor part of Wing A was the snack bar, room for the staff, the kitchen, and the restaurant. Wing B: the basement was the storage space for linen warehouses, additional auxiliary spaces, and accommodation areas for the staff of the hotel unit. The ground floor part of Wing B consisted of 24 double beds and 1 single bed. On the first floor, as described in the approved plans are 33 double rooms and 5 single rooms. The second floor included 20 double rooms and 5 single rooms. Wing C: On the ground floor of wing C there were 12 double overnight rooms. The ground floor space “Wing C” as described in the floor plans of the permit has been erected ( CONCRETE FRAME ), following the outlines of the approved plans. Any additional information can be given directly to the prospective future client.

The Platon Property’s license can be officially altered to also include for instance a retirement village. If you would like any details on any ideas that you may have regarding this property, you are more than welcome to call us for a free consultation and mitigate any ideas you may have for this fantastic investment opportunity!

Platon Property Details


Main Usable Areas 3,136.21 square meters


Innovative Investment Design Concept


Auxiliary Areas 1,642.11 square meters


Exclusive Private and Quiet Area

Platon Property Areas

Any additional information on the requested Hotel property will be given upon consultation to the prospective clients. Our hope is for you to have a dream of continuing the Hotel project and adding additional ideas in making this Hotel a stunning gem for any future guests on the beautiful and sunny island of Rhodes Greece!